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Delivery Charges

As a commitment to providing you with complete satisfaction with your order, we will personally deliver the books to you anywhere in Hong Kong, where you will be able to examine the condition of the books before you decide whether you want them. You will find that all our new books are in excellent condition, excluding the usual wear and tear, and possible slight discolouration due to age. Our used books are also mostly in very good condition. Those that have extreme defects will be noted in the 'product details' page.

Our present delivery times are 10am-11am and 8pm-9.30pm on weekdays and Saturdays. Please provide an address where there will be someone available to examine and accept the books. We will email you in advance to make arrangements, and if our delivery schedule is not to your convenience, we will be happy to arrange another time. Please note that we only accept payment in cash.

Our delivery charges* are as follows:

                                               up to 5kg                 over 5kg

Hong Kong Island ----------      HK$20                     HK$40

Kowloon -----------------------      HK$30                     HK$60

New Territories --------------      HK$40                     HK$80

Outlying Islands -------------      HK$50                    HK$100

Discovery Bay ----------------      FREE DELIVERY!

* Purchases over HK$250 will have the delivery charge waived at the time of delivery.

You also have the option to order online and then go to our shop to collect and pay for the books at a later date. You will not be charged extra for ordering online, but your books will only be held for your collection and payment for two weeks from the date your order is received, unless you wish for an extension (up to a maximum of one month) and specifically inform us of such by email. Thereafter, if you still want the books, then you will have to place another order with us.