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Are You Dave Gorman?
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Are You Dave Gorman?

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Author: Dave Gorman & Danny Wallace
Publisher: Ebury Press
Format: Paperback NEW
ISBN: 9780091884710

Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace are best friends, flatmates and drinking partners. One legendary night in the pub the pair has an argument. Dave thought there must be hundreds of people in the world who shared his name. Danny didn't. They were drunk. Five hours later they were on a train to Scotland...

That morning, they unwittingly kick-started an uncontrollable adventure that would take them around the world, finding and meeting complete strangers with only one thing in common - they were all called Dave Gorman too.

During their six month odyssey, Dave and Danny got caught in a tornado in New York, they lost their shoes in Norway and caused a security alert at an Israeli airport. They met greenkeepers, booksellers, carpetfitters, gurus, policemen, film stars and a semi-retired lighthouse technician.

They appeared on page 3 of The Sun and they were front page news in Denmark. They were even asked to make a TV show about their adventure.

They met no one else called Danny Wallace.

The result of their travels is this book. A true story of obsessed flatmates and of a worldwide quest to find people who could say Yes to that eternal question...Are you Dave Gorman?


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