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The Pocket Louvre
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The Pocket Louvre

Price per Unit (piece): HK$40.00

Author: Valerie Mettais
Publisher: Musee Du Louvre
Format: Paperback USED
ISBN: 9782854952742

What is this writing? Are gods and kings just? How did Darius the Great build his empire? Why represent a human being? What are the words of Islam? Is there any unity? Is there a beginning to civilisation? Why are they in profile and full-face, or entirely front-on? Who was the pharoah? How did Amenhotep IV become Akhenaten? How are the dead accompanied? Does a craftsman have freedom of a city? Who invented statues? What remains of the Etruscan people? Does Rome have a legend? What is a portrait? What is the significance of pieta? How can the king's beloved be portrayed? What is La Tour revealing to us, what is Le Nain hiding from us? Who were the sabine women? How do you choose the right moment? What are the emblems of power? What is a genre? Do painters slip secrets into their paintings? How did David stage a coronation? What is romanticism? Why did Ingres cheat when drawing? Was corot a model? How does one get to know colours, gild a panel and grind black? Why invent perspective? How can one defy time? Should Modern Artists imitate or surpass the Ancients? Who stole the Mona Lisa? Does painting amount to deception? Why did they choose canvas? Would Caravaggio destroy painting? How do artists frame their subjects? What purpose do angels serve? What is the object of their reflection? Did Rubens have delusions of grandeur? Was Frans Hals extravagant? How did Rembrandt apply his colours? But who was Vermeer? Man or woman, what are the right measurements? What did Friedrich see? Is there a shadow on the painting? Was Goya a painter, an engraver, a portraitist, or a decorator? Landscape or portrait, which of the two styles prevailed? Is it really finished? What is the role of drawing? What is supple, quick and can be corrected and altered? Where are the images? How does sculpture bring features into relief? How can movement be depicted when nothing moves? Does the body provide a lesson in anatomy, art or eroticism? What do treasures hold? Can ceramics and enamel be used to make everything? How is a wardrobe or a crown made? What is a sculptor's gaze?


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Last Updated: 19 September 2017